it's more fun when you make it more fun

summer is officially over with classes starting this week. as my last summer as a student, i’d have to say it was memorable. 
both my sisters got married and i couldn’t be happier for them. being a part of their special day reminded me that everyone deserves to be happy, to be in love and to be loved. it was amazing. they both looked gorgeous and their weddings were unique to their personality. i constantly remember special moments from the days and it brings a smile to my face. i hope to one day be able to have a wonderful day like that to call my own. i’m so lucky to have gained two brother in laws who care about me and look after me. they are the older brothers i’ve always wanted. now, i may be the only dreas girl (besides my mother) but once a dreas girl, always a dreas girl. 
part of my summer was spent in my college town. it was the last time i’ll be able to live the college lifestyle of lounging around, drinking too many vodka sodas, and not having a care in the world. life is slow in ames, iowa during the summer months, but i liked it. my college years spent here have been the absolute best. it is bittersweet to be entering my senior year, but i’m ready for whatever it brings (hangovers and all)
this summer was spent with a very special friend. he has been by my side for 6+ months now, and i’ve never been happier. he makes me laugh (even though i’m the funny one) and makes me feel like i’m the most important thing in the world. he has put up with my weirdness, my crazy emotions, my indecisiveness, and everything else i have to offer. he’s helped me step out of my box and to constantly try new things. here’s to more britta and sam moments. you da best
bring it on, senior year!